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Meredith Mustard, Parenting Coach

When I started getting images to use in Meredith Mustard’s site design, I have to admit, I was excited but very exceedingly intimidated. Meredith’s art is diverse and deep.  She works in calligraphy, oil paint, and watercolor, and she’s good–at it all. Her color combinations, her canvases, and the feelings made visual had me staring at my screen until my eyes felt dry and scratchy.  But Meredith’s business is parenting. She’s a parenting coach and teaches parenting classes.  How was I going to arrange this dish of hearty parental coaching with a side of artist?

Meredith Mustard, Parenting Coach

Meredith Mustard, Parenting Coach

Color. When the purple (plum to be more accurate) happened, the site came together. We needed an affirming color, and one that worked with the richness of the paintings and the stark white behind the calligraphy. The plum served to bring the purposes of the site together.

Visit Meredith’s site, get to know her, and schedule a coaching session or enroll in a class. If Villanova, Pennsylvania isn’t right around the corner for you, call or email Meredith without hesitation.  I’m sure she can help.  If you are not in need of Meredith’s parenting assistance, visit her site just to admire her beautiful artwork.

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