Getting Off From The Starting Line
                 And We’re Off

After following the first five days of
Partner2Success, I managed to get my blog 
  published online. I am so pleased with
myself, quite an achievement for someone
who thought she was not too clever after
leaving school at fifteen with no
qualifications whatsoever.

Day one took me through choosing a domain
name, and a hosting package, to setting up
a WordPress Blog.  I purchased my domain
name from Go Daddy and the hosting package
from D9. Both were recommendations, but
there was no pressure to choose either one
of them. I could have gone elsewhere, but
I felt following the recommendations would
help with the course.

Domain Name  –  This is your address so
that people can easily find you

Hosting – Think of this as your actual

After my domain name and hosting package
was set up, it was time to download a
named WordPress theme to work with. Ooops,
I am jumping ahead of myself here.

WordPress is the platform on which we
build our house.

It is where we students are being taught
to build our blogs. The name of the theme
is Optimize3. It is a paid-for theme.
There are many free WordPress themes which
we could use, but Optimize Press 3 is the
recommended theme for this coaching
course.  There were a few settings that
had to be changed. We worked through these
in a step-by-step fashion. Just what I

I was then able to publish my first post
online. That was my Welcome post.

The next step was to install plugins to
optimise my blog. Again we were taught how
to do this in a step-by-step fashion.

Plugins are programs that are installed
and then activated onto your blog. They
serve different purposes; plugins should
enhance your blog in some way. Five
plugins were installed and activated in
the lesson. The purpose of which is:
social, search engine friendly, statistics
and linking. I’m sure to learn more about
them as the course progresses.

Day five took me to inserting images and
videos into my posts. As you can see, on
the top right, I have inserted an image
into this post. The idea was to represent
me racing off from the starting line.

OK, the image is done, now for the video.



Ok video is great.  Thanks for the
tutorial, Alex.

NB. I downloaded the racing image from
Pexels‘, where you can get free
This is one of the sites recommended by my
coach John Thornhill.

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