Hi, I am still working through John’s
coaching program and still enjoying every 
bit of it.

This week covered some essential lessons
for internet marketers. Today I would like
to talk to you about Legal Stuff.

Legal Pages

John recommends that we install on our
blogs the legal page plugin ‘Insta Legal
Pages’. This is to protect both ourselves
and our readers. We need to make sure that
our blog readers know what we are about.
If we are recommending affiliate products
they should be aware that we will be
earning a commission if they buy the
product through our links.

The Legal Pages that I have installed are:

1. Terms of use – This  states that
by accessing the web page the user is
agreeing to be bound by the Terms and
Conditions of that web page.
2. Affiliate Disclosure – Some of the links
on this website are affiliate links. This
means that if you click on a link and
purchase an item the owner of this website
will receive an affiliate commission. Also
stating that we will only recommend
products or services that will add value
to our readers.
3. Digital Millenium Copyright Act Notice
This explains our view on copyright. It
states that we will not use copyrighted
material without the proper permission.
Also, if anyone thinks we are using their
material illegally we ask them to let us
know so that we can resolve the issue.
4. Privacy Policy – This privacy policy
document is designed to advise you about
how we collect, use, and protect the
Personally Identifiable Information that
you provide to us through our website.
5. Earnings Disclaimer – This points out to
our readers that any earnings and income
figures shown are our earnings and are not
typical. Also, we make no assurance others
will do as well and in fact, may make
nothing at all.
6. Contact – This gives our readers
information on how to reach us.

I am sure you will agree that having these
legal pages on our site gives us peace of
mind and protects us all.

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