Procrastination is when we lack self discipline, focus, and persistence to get things done. It is difficult to follow through with our plans. This maybe due to poor time management and/or the many distractions that fight for our attention as soon as we lose concentration on the task.

We all have the same 24 hours in our day but instead of getting on with the job in hand we find ourselves wasting time on random activities that have nothing at all to do with what we are trying to do.

Self discipline and good time management involves scheduling our tasks and getting them done, instead of engaging in non essential tasks that are not part of our plan.

I’m in the throws of product creation and exploring many different avenues. Too many kinds of products are presenting themselves to me. I have lost my direction and focus.  I need to sort myself out and get on with the task at hand. First I must choose one of the many topics that I have on my ‘maybe list’. This is not as easy as it sounds, as I am sure you already know.

Driving traffic to a website or blog was my first thought. However, as I started my research, I found myself being distracted by other topics. Each of these topics is important in its own right, and so I began to get lost in all the information, my mind was buzzing with different scenarios. In the end, I stopped and did nothing at all. Procrastination has struck again.

My Maybe List:

  • Driving Traffic
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Article Writing
  • Sales Letters
  • Copy Writing Skills
  • Opt-in Pages or Landing Pages
  • Traffic Conversion
  • Building Email Lists

The above is not a full list; it is just to illustrate ways in which my mind was being pulled whilst trying to decide. I’ve ended up with a hard drive loaded up with articles, blogs, products, videos, and PLRs concerning all the items on my ‘maybe list’.

Initially, the only topic that interested me was driving traffic to my blog. I wanted to try out different methods to make sure they worked before writing about them. It was then I realized that it would be such a waste, I had nothing on my site that would encourage visitors to subscribe to my list when they arrived. So, therefore, I needed some way to convert these visitors once they landed. And so, it went.

It was only when I jotted the list down on paper that I realized the connection between them. After sorting the topics into the above order, it made it much more apparent for me. They are all CONNECTED, and they are ALL needed. For example, if I wished to write a tutorial on email marketing, I would need to include all the above topics to get a result.

What are your thoughts on procrastination? I would love to know how you overcome it.?

I would be grateful for any input or suggestions from you.


Hopefully, all the confusion and procrastination will soon come to an end.

Until next time.

Take care


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