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Tidy Files Lead To Tidy Mind

In my attempt to become organised, I
intend to sort out all the products and
downloads lying lost and forgotten on my
hard drive and external drives.

I am amazed at how many of these I have
accumulated since I decided to enter the
internet marketing life.

Some I paid a lot of money for, some I paid
modest amounts for,
and others came as free
downloads. But
they are all the same value to
me when
they are lying in a coat of digital dust.
Absolutely NO VALUE.

I began gathering all these wonderful
‘treasures’ hoping they would make me
financially independent. Perhaps some of
them would have if I had used them
properly and seen them through to the end
before jumping onto another irresistible

Where There’s A Will There’s
A Way

I know it’s going to take a while to
accomplish this job so I am setting myself
a target to tidy up my numerous files.

I have a plan to accomplish this:

1 Create different category folders such
as coaching, tutorials, graphics, traffic
etc. I’m sure you get the idea.
2 As I have a lot of PLR products, I will
have a folder for each of the main categories
(as above).  Then I shall create subfolders
within the main folders. Maybe even subfolders
within the subfolders.

3 Ensure the folders are easy to locate on
my disks. I might give over a section on
an external disk drive just for this
purpose. Or even a whole external drive.
4 Go through some each day, maybe between
five and ten. Or a lot more if possible.
5 As I find them, I will move them to the
relevant folders.
6 If I make any more purchases or
downloads, I shall save them to the
correct folders as I acquire them. I am
still finding the freebies hard to resist.

This job will take me some time to
complete, but I will get there in the
end. I don’t know whether I will be able
to resist playing with each product as I
come across it. I shall try to keep
strong, otherwise, the time I take to
finish this task will most definitely
Hopefully, I will be able to resist all my
little treasures until the sorting is all done
and digitally dusted. Do you believe that?

Time For A Well Deserved Rest










I hope this will inspire some of you to
get organised. Does it? If so please let
me know. I would love to read your

Just a thought before you go. If you happen to be
looking for an excellent coaching program, then
look no further than John Thornhill.



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