Many years ago, I had an Atari computer
which I and my family used for gaming. On
the weekends the kids would strive to get
up early to be first on the computer.
They were very patient because back then
we had to load the games onto the
computer off cassettes. Later came the
huge floppy disks and then the much
smaller hard disks. I think I may have
some of the hard disks in the house

Hands up those of you who also owned an
Atari, back in the day. Or maybe you had
another machine, perhaps a Commodore or a
Sinclair. They were all great machines,
but we each had our favourites.

I attended a local higher education
college and completed a course using the
‘basic’ computer language, which was.
popular at that time. There were always
programs in the computer magazines which
you could enter into the machine. Then
you would spend hours trying to find the
typos. Usually, an ‘m’ typed instead of a

I wrote many small programs using
this language, and never had so much fun.
Thus began my life-long love
of computing.

Years later, I started using the computer
for my job at work. At the time there
were only two computers in the office. A
stand-alone WordPress machine that the
secretary used and a machine loaded
with an accounting package, which I used.

The accounting package was SAGE.  At
first, it was only working with figures
using the accounting package. This led to
using Word for word processing and
Excel for spreadsheets. Once again, all
in the office environment.

Since the beginning, I have always loved
using computers for whatever reason. And
today I am hoping to increase my
knowledge. I have signed up for John
Thornhill’s Partner2Success coaching

I did start this coaching program
before but never finished, you know how
it is, life got in the way.

Anyway, this time
I have made a commitment to myself that I
will follow everything through to the
end. I am determined to get it right this
time around.


Warm regards