Hi, welcome to my first post on this web
address. I’m so happy to be back.

After a long break from
Partnership2Success, I have returned
to the program. The reason I decided to
return to this particular coaching course
is because I do believe it to be one of the
better courses out there.

I shall follow each day’s instructions to
the best of my abilities. There is no
pressure on me to keep up. Only to do
the best I can in the time I have.

As I work my way through each day of the
course, I shall keep you updated on my
progress, and about any challenges that I
may come across.

If I have a problem, or if I am unsure of
anything, I can always book a call to get
it sorted. Therefore, I am going forward
knowing there is always help for me,
when I need it, within this
coaching program.










    1 Response to "Welcome, I’m Back"

    • Hubert van der Horst

      Hallo Polly, I was in exactly the same position as you were: I started the P2S program a few yrs ago but fell by the wayside fairly soon. Now I have signed up again and am determined to do better. Just registered my domain and getting ready for the hosting. Good luck.
      Liked your post about procrastination, which is an old friend of mine! Microsteps is the way forward as John mentioned in his video. Good luck.

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