Internet MarketingInternet Marketing
Internet Marketing is the act of
selling items that are either
digital or physical over the
internet. Successful internet
businesses help people that buy
their goods in some way. This could
be with a physical product that
helps them in their life, such as a
vacuum cleaner which helps them to
keep carpets dust free. Or with
digital products which provide them
with helpful information or with
software to help them perform a
digital process such as a word
processor or a plugin for a

Niche Marketing
A Niche is a segment of the market
dealing with a specific subject and
all things related to that topic.
Niche Marketing is when you market
within and around a specific niche.
This is better than jumping all
over the place with your choice of
items for sale. If you spread
yourself too thin over different
niches you are likely to lose your
readers. They will only be
interested in certain things and if
you present them with too many
choices they are more than likely
to move on.

Top Niches
The most popular niches in the
market are:
1. Make Money Online
2. Fitness and Weight Loss
3. Finance and Investing
4. Health
5. Dating and Relationships
6. Pets
7. Personal Development
8. Beauty

Choice of Niche
When choosing a niche it is best to
choose among the top niches. It is
no good choosing a really obscure
niche because you are unlikely to
reach the majority of the market.
Therefore it is better to choose
one of the top eight niches as
listed above. These are the topics
that top internet marketers choose
to sell and write about.
Choose a Popular Niche
You should always choose a popular
niche. A popular niche is when
there are lots of different
products for sale and people are
advertising in the niche. There is
a lot of profit to be made in these
popular niches

Knowledge of Niche
Always do your research before
creating a product for the market.
It is useless to create a product
if there is no call for it. It is
also best to have knowledge about
the niche you choose to work on
because you can then answer any
questions that may come your way.
If you learn a little about your
topic each day you will soon become
very knowledgeable about it.

In all honesty you should have a
genuine interest, if not a passion,
in your chosen niche because your
readers and buyers can always tell
if you have little interest in your

No interest = No energy = No sales


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