Hard at Work

Hard At Work

Day Six

Today is the day we started our list-building
 journey and we had lots to do.
it was a very busy day indeed.

We were introduced to:

1 Autoresponders.
2 Lists,
3 Optin forms,
4 Sidebars.


It was time to sign up for an
autoresponder account. Autoresponders have
many different uses, one of which is for
‘out of office’ email replies. However,
for this course, it is used to trigger a
sequence of emails when a user completes a
certain action on our blogs. It is an
essential component of an online marketers

The reason for using an autoresponder near
the beginning of the course is to enable
us to build an email list as soon as
possible. An email list is a list of all
our subscribers who have given us their
permission to email them. Building a list
is one of the most important aspects of
making money online. It will be a list of
future subscribers who will follow our
blogs, accept our gifts and eventually buy
our recommended products.

There are many autoresponders out there
from which to choose.  John Thornhill, my
course tutor, recommended Aweber. He has
used this program for many years and has
had no trouble with it.  He says it is one
of the best.  Because of his
recommendation I have signed up as an
Aweber subscriber. It was not compulsory.
I could have signed up for any other
autoresponder if I had wished to.

Create A List In Aweber

Once signed up and logged in it was time
to create a mailing list by filling in a
form with some basic information. This was
just a case of setting up Aweber to
receive subscribers to a named list. In
the future, it will be probable that we
will have many different mailing lists all
within the Aweber account.

Connecting Aweber To Our Blogs

The blog theme we use in this course makes
it easy to connect Aweber to our blog.  It
is just the case of pressing a button on
the theme dashboard, and voila, it’s done.

Once Aweber is connected to the blog, we
can build an opt-in form using the theme
options. Easy.

The sidebar

The opt-in form is placed at the top of
the sidebar. We achieve this through the
widgets. Most of the items in the sidebar are
widgets which we can remove and replace as
we like.

All that is left to do is to test the
opt-in form. Ok, I have tested the form, and it
works fine.







It’s been a long day.

PS. If you’re looking for an honest and reliable coach
then look no further than John Thornhill.

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